Free Love

Front cover with stickerIn the dead cold of a northern Canadian winter, 30-year-old Marissa finds herself in a detox centre, every bone in her body yearning for a drink. The only thing worse than drinking would be to return to the lonely hell of alcoholism. Free Love takes us into the heart of the recovery community in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, as Marissa struggles to find hope in a town that loves to party, where temptation and the beauty and danger of the northern wilderness are never far away.

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Booze and sex collide in this warm, gritty novel novel of AA in Yellowknife! Free Love gets a fantastic review from Sara Minogue on the Book Blog Northreads. Sara is one of the few people to comment on the links between alcoholism and sexual promiscuity which are explored in the novel. “..I was genuinely astonished at just how real this book got. Free Love isn’t just about alcoholism: it’s about sexual promiscuity, and the forces that drive it, and that’s something we just don’t talk about.”

Free Love wins national recognition with an Honourable Mention in the Whistler Independent Book Awards, the first juried awards in Canada to recognize exceptional quality in independent publishing.

”Free Love is a moving portrait of a woman rediscovering herself. In addition to being a terrific read, there are many moments of powerful wisdom. The story could be of great help to readers who are affected by or interested in alcoholism.”Susan Juby, Author of  Nice Recovery

Free Love is a riveting read and astonishing in its vulnerability and courage. It is the first novel set in Yellowknife that I find believable. Annelies Pool is clearly at the top of her game as a writer.”Richard Van Camp, Author of The Lesser Blessed, The Moon of Letting Go and Night Moves

“A difficult story told with empathy and humour, Free Love is a gripping tale about life in Yellowknife through the eyes of an alcoholic. Annelies takes us inside a part of the North that many of us see only from the outside, and she nails it. Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down until I was finished.” –Judith Drinnan, Yellowknife Book Cellar

Annelies speaks about Free Love with Loren McGinnis, host of CBC North Radio’s Trailbreaker. See full interview here.

John Mutford reviews Free Love for The Book Mine Set. 

Annelies answers questions about the inspiration for Free Love and the writing life on Goodreads.

“Free Love, a tale of addiction in YK”  — Yellowknifer, January 29, 2016.

The landscape of Free Love: Hamilton