About that blog I was writing…

In late 2017, I launched a blog on recovery from alcoholism called “Recovery Notes.” Happily, the blog was very well received and I remain grateful that many of you took the time to comment on it, both online and in person. However, as I carried on blogging I found that the commitment to post regularly became oppressive.

As a writer, I have mostly worked in print where there is more distance between me and my readers. I am used to completing a piece of writing and then handing it off or an editor/publisher. After that, I wouldn’t immediately know who was or wasn’t reading or what they thought and I’d be free to go onto something.

The immediacy of regular blogging didn’t work for me. ‘Likes’ and comments start coming in within minutes of posting. I got obsessed with tracking the reaction and couldn’t let go of the piece and move on. I began to allow the reactions of people influence how and what I was writing. This quickly became stressful and so I quit writing the blog.

But having said all that, I am still working on writing pieces about alcoholism (and other topics) and, without making a commitment to do so, I may post them here from time to time.